Caké boyzs  Bakery is located at Door No :3-1-5, Ground floor, KJN Enclave, Hyderguda, Attapur, Hyderabad.                  Pin – 500048.
We love to bake. Through baking, we connect with our community by creating great cake, bread and pastry, feeding our family, friends and neighbors, teaching and sharing our craft and practicing responsibility to the environment. We also want to become the favorite bakery shop in every location in which we operates. This will be accomplished by serving a variety of delicious and generously portioned our product at moderate prices.  Our customer will be served by friendly, knowledgeable people that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.”
We love two things. Fresh baking and enriching bakery options with value added services, and we believe that more often the two go hand in hand.
Here, you will find our dedicated team working in our open kitchens, excited to share with you first-hand what we do. While all our offerings are rooted in French bakery techniques, we ultimately believe in creativity and Baking food that has an emotional connection with our guests. With great food, quite simply, we strive to make people smile. We look forward to welcoming you again and again.
About Company :-
Cake boyzs are expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its wide variety of freshly baked cakes and bread. Cake Boyzs plan to construct a strong market position in the city due to the partners’ industry experience in the area.
The establishment aims to offer its services and products at a reasonably competitive price to meet the demand of the middle and high area residents. We provide the highest possible quality product with excellent customer services.
Executive Chef
Chef found his path early on. Growing up baking treats for his friends and family, Chef  has always felt most comfortable in the kitchen. Now he helps to manage ours as executive chef. Today he  gives us a glimpse into his journey over the last few years and shares his best advice for aspiring executive chefs.
I’ve always really enjoyed making specialty cakes, more so even than wedding cakes. Say someone comes in with a picture or an idea of something I’ve never done before, I love jumping in and seeing how it turns out. I just love that creative aspect.

Our Team

We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated team members who are not only experts in their respective fields, but are also high quality people. This hand-picked group helps round out our collective expertise to deliver maximum value for each and every customer & to our owners.